Our technical office is in charge of making a study of each situation to be able to offer you an advisory service fully adapted to your project and dimensions.

We use the most advanced technology on the market in 3D design programs, TEUTOPS, SOLIDWORK, ACAD, 3D STUDIO, ADOBE ILUSTRATOR, etc., which guarantee the manufacture and handling of the products with maximum effectiveness and quality.

We develop the project from sketches or plans provided by the customer.

Our technicians are always at hand to collaborate with our customers to be able to improve or adapt the designs in order to optimise the manufacturing process and streamline costs.

We believe that the best proposal/project comes from all the elements which separately make up the character of good commercial decoration: from the architecture of the building, the design of the commercial furniture, the product display, the corporate image, the light quality, the attraction of the window display, and the passage of consumers through the furniture, all of which is important for motivating the main objective: meeting the needs of the buyer.

The main benefit offered by VP Group to its customers consists of business image design and development. VP Group is dedicated to equipping commercial spaces in the area of food and drink, as well as designing, manufacturing and providing advisory services in the efficient operation of (retail) displays in boutiques and department stores.


Optimising the trade spaces

Locating the display volumes

Controlling operative flows

Simply put, VP Group designs, manufactures and installs furniture and equipment in a wide range of commercial spaces, with permanent technical advice.


We have a team of 28 specialised technicians for product development and 15 more for their manufacture, spread between our three production plants. They carry out product development and manufacture, converting ideas into products capable of industrialisation. This is the technical heart of the organisation and is extended in the project development offices of our commercial offices.

It incorporates all stages of development, from product conception, the drawing up of plans and manufacturing documentation, up to the creation of prototypes and load tests. The team is located in our central headquarters, collaborates with the rest of the VP Group organisation in RDI and serves our production plants, our commercial offices and even our customers directly.

The R&D and Prototypes unit allows Decortienda, in contrast to other companies of the sector, to supervise the prototypes being created on a daily basis, while also giving technical support both to our own designers and responding to all the consultations and requirements posed by our customers.