The Company

VP Business Group is a group dedicated to the manufacture and installation of commercial furniture and equipment for all kind of facilities in Retail, Museums and Exhibitions, Hotels and Restaurants and Window dressing and Merchandising.

The companies making up the VP Business Group were born with PECAR SA in 1970, which expanded internationally with DECORTIENDA 2000 SA in 1990.

We convert our customers’ needs into objectives to fulfil, offering a quality, punctual service at the right price for everyone.

This commitment allows us to reach the figure of more than 1500 projects annually, spread over the five continents.

We have more than 48 years’ experience fulfilling the quality commitments set, at very competitive prices.

Constant investment in R&D, with a high percentage in Technological Investment, means that we surpass our quality standards and improve our delivery times year on year, adapting to the customer’s most demanding requirements.